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Ampersand offers both full custom book interiors and template book interiors (coming late February).

Prices are based on my past five years of typesetting experience and how much each project really has. A lot of service providers out there charge basement level prices and then disappear, wanting to spend as little time with the client and work as possible because they don't feel like they get enough in return. You and your book deserve so much more than that. That's why we're Ampersand, after all. 

Prices are based exclusively on your own unique manuscript. That's it; this is all about the qualities of your book exactly. I'll look over your precise manuscript to give you a better idea once you contact me below. 

Custom design:

Includes: Interior designed specifically for your book, custom-made to match your book cover; pagination design from the ground up; a comprehensive reading of the text; two-to-three potential designs; line-by-line typesetting done by hand (no InDesign shortcuts here); up to three phone calls; full copyright ownership of the book interior design; four final proofreading passes with the author; fifty content corrections; optional assistance uploading the files to the distributors or printer of your choice.


Fiction Print: $900 and up | Fiction Ebook: $100 and up

Non-Fiction Print: $1800 and up | Non-Fiction Ebook: $225 and up

Template design:

Includes: Interior laid out with the author's choice of Ampersand's Superior Book Interior Templates unavailable anywhere else; one phone call; twenty five content corrections; three proofreading passes with the author; the ability to switch out the title page and chapter header fonts with a font of the author's choice; in-depth review of every page to find any typesetting inconsistencies; a typesetter's years' of experience to give your readers the best reading experience possible.

Fiction Print: $200 and up | Fiction Ebook: $50 and up

Non-Fiction Print: $400 and up | Non-Fiction Ebook: $80 and up

Ready to make your choice? Let's start the conversation below and make your book interior the best it can be.

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Is it time to talk about your vision for you and your book? I'm here to help you make your book a professionally made book interior. Please tell me a bit about you and your project below:

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