Frequenly Asked Quanderies

Do I automatically own copyright of the print or ebook design?

Yes! Unlike many designers that only provide you with a print-ready PDF and ebook, I understand that you are the publisher of the work and you should own the copyright to your own book interior design. I only have one caveat, and that is that if the book is part of a series, you come back to me for the whole series to make sure that you get real consistency in your project. At the end of each project I will upload the source files and assets for your book into Google Drive folder that we share. This will be backup for our project and also make sure we both have the access we need to the important files.

What days do you work?

My days of operation are Monday - Friday, and I schedule that way, too. So when you contact me to set up a time to start, we'll be filling in a whole five days of time.

When should I give you my files?

Any time on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will be just fine to start on Monday. So if you notice anything you need to change on Sunday even though you sent it on Friday, just send me another interior file with the corrections done! Easy. :)

I Love A Book Design You Created For A Previous Client/Another Designer Made For Another Author! Can You Do The Exact Same Thing For My Book?

It's actually not legal for me to copy the design of another book designer for another book due to copyright, and I have some authors who worked for a long, long time with me to get their design just right and it wouldn't be fair to them. That said, I want to make your book exactly the way you like it! Let' do a consultation and see what other options I can come up for you and your own cusotm book design. I promise, I'll tweak and perfect as much as we need to make sure you love it.

What Are Your Requirements for Deposits?

After our Discovery call, I have a 50% deposit on the day we schedule, and 50% final payment on completion.

What Is Your Turnaround Time?

My turnaround time is usually 2-4 weeks for fiction, and 3-6 weeks for non-fiction.

I have a book in a subject or genre that might be considered controversial. Will you work with it?

I will accept books on controversial topics as long as no one is being hurt or maliciously represented therein. That means I will not design books meant to glorify white supremacy, bigotry in any of its ugly colors, and any book that maliciously paints another religion or ethnicity in a negative light (this does not include dangerous cults). I will also not work on books that are meant as personal attacks on other human beings, living or dead. That said, I will work on books discussing any religion (yes, Christianity, too), any issue with sexuality, non-fiction that explores past trauma, the struggles of minorities in America or abroad, and books where the author has a clear political stance on one side or another. What I will avoid is any book meant to hurt another person or group of people. My ultimate aim, just as a human being, is to promote understanding of each other's differences and unity among the human race. I know, it sounds cheesy, but I am very adamant about it.

"Colleen did a wonderful job on a paperback interior for a three novel, four-story collection that totaled almost a quarter million words and 200+ chapters. Despite this unwieldiness, she got the page count down from 1,100 pages ... to less than 828 without losing any readability. It reads great, and of course looks super-pro. She's also super friendly, responds to emails fast, and really goes above and beyond with small touches and little flourishes that bring the interior to life. Amazing work, as usual, and highly recommended."

– DN Erikson

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